Unique papers is small javascript library ported from Fenfire. The work is based on Tuomas Lukka's and Janne Kujala's work on unique papers.

I have always found unique papers to be very fascinating. The idea of this project is to make them more easy to use. In the old days, say in 2003, special hardware was needed to produce papers but now common hardware and most browsers can run opengl accelerated stuff. It is time to implement unique papers with javascript and WebGL. I want to share the joy.

Currently implemented is one layer, originally three, one shader type, originally three; also missing are texture coordinate sizing/rotation (aka TexGenXYRepeatUnit) but there are additional bugs. If the paper is black - just reload the page.

Textures size is 5MB. I could get it down by removing alpha values (not used by shaders) and finetuning the precision of floats.

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